Monday Musings: The Truth About Humans

This doesn’t just happen in NY, but this group, along with others, are working on outing street harassers and trying to help women stay safe. Not that it would be any better if this were just happening in one city, or one country, but the fact that it’s global is a striking reminder that some humans are pure evil.

Some people don’t care. Some men don’t worry because it’s not likely to happen to them. But for every woman who is afraid of street harassment that is another human being that impacts another.

Personally, I am severely cautious of where I go, what times of day. You invited me to an event at night? Nope, I won’t be there—especially not alone. And since I have very few art lovers in my circle that means no nighttime art show openings.

If a neighborhood doesn’t feel safe I’m not shopping there. That hurts businesses, employees, everybody. Many women (and many people in general) prefer to go where they can feel safe.

         What sparked my attention to this?

Of course I have been on the receiving end here and there but I was always with somebody I felt safe with so I didn’t fear for my safety back then. But this video here, that has some people supportive of the female victim and others trashing her, kind of set my mind to working on this.

I’m not a go out at night person, as I have stated. At 3 a.m. I’m up and working from home. My workout is already done and so is my shower, and I’m working. When I have been on vacation I wasn’t out at that time either. But that doesn’t mean I can’t understand her fear. If a man, day or night, were following me around I would feel afraid too. Heck, if anybody male or female had been following me around it would freak me out.

I think the young lady going inside a store, into a well-lit area was a good thing. Know your surroundings. If you are on vacation and don’t know the area find the first well-lit, well populated, store or place you can go. While I know cops are not the most trust worthy now days it might be good to see if there are any patrol men/women who can assist you. Or, if you see a station go inside. Cops are supposed to protect and serve right?

If you feel afraid don’t just chalk it up to being paranoid. Listen to your inner self and make sure you find a safe area. If you’re in a store tell a manager and they can alert store security. You only get one life to live so make sure you do the best you can to keep yourself safe, unharmed, and alive.


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