Friday Dish: When You’re Old…

Breakfast is one of those things where I work while I eat. Sometimes my mind is focused on stories and other times I am processing something that happened in my life outside the book.

Following up on Wednesdays post ~ Man Hunting in the USA, over breakfast the other day I thought about something my sister said to me. My sister is five years my senior, my brother six years my senior. I am the baby of the family who is not so much a baby anymore. I am the only one not married and the only one child free. Thank all the gods in heaven, hell and anywhere else for that.

I watched a lot of 48Hours back in the day and have seen so many unhappy marriages in my RL world that I really don’t see what’s so great about being married. That’s not to say that it won’t happen one day. I am not psychic so I cannot say for sure. But I am not actively pursuing it. In fact, it’s more like I’m running from it and hoping no man will come into my life to change my happily single existence.

When not attacking relationship status the next attack is work. I have my writing and I do love working for myself even if I won’t ever make millions. Yeah, not psychic but I am a realist and it’s just so not going to happen.

Well my sister, (and I have figured this out the older I get,) makes jabs with daggers covered in honey. She says things to try to tear me apart and I know this. She has always done this. As I got older I just stopped speaking to her often. That was easy because:

  • She moved and married.
  • I moved and moved some more.
  • Life kept me busy.

But after speaking with her recently she made the asinine comment that I should become a police officer. “Oh, but you’re probably too old to get into the academy now,” she said.

Uh…what in the world gave you the impression that if the world was going to end and my becoming a police officer would save it that I would join the force? Because seriously, you people would just be dead. I have no desire to get shot just because I’m giving a traffic ticket. I have no desire to take down drug dealers and gang bangers. Seriously that’s just not my thing. But there is some truth in her words. I am probably too old to go even if I wanted to (which I don’t) so whatever.

Why would she bring that up? Well in addition to knocking my current career track, kind of like a fallen angel from God’s glory or something, she had to make a jab at my age.

Seriously, I’m happy to be alive. Some people don’t even make it out of the womb breathing. I embrace waking up every day, growing older, and when the wrinkles come I will embrace those too. Every second alive is a good thing. The world might not be a happy place but that doesn’t mean the grave is the home I aspire to have anytime soon.

oregano-321033_1280 (2)I want to be old and so wrinkly I look like dried herbs cracking with each touch. I want to be seasoned and aged better than the finest wine. I want to see where my journey leads me. Every day, every hour, every second above ground makes me happy.

So yes, I am getting older, and if you’re still breathing you’re getting older too.

When you’re old you’re old but be thankful you made it there and keep hoping you experience many more wonderful years of old age ahead of you.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.



  1. I agree with you every day we live we get older. you are right to be thankful. I have been in the world for over sixty five years and have no desire to die, i am not afraid to die,I do not let what people say tear me down. I fee sorry for them because they have so self_esteem so they need to put some one else down in order to feel good them selves. Take it as if it was a grain of salt, will not do any thing for your food, no taste what so ever.

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