Makeup Thursday

As promised here is my view on the ColourPop makeup as used thus far.

Cricket: I like this one. It is listed on the site as a “smoky mid-tone plum with warm and cool highlights of soft glitter.” The color really does go on smoothly and blends beautifully on my skin. I mixed it with a ColourPop shadow I already had – Amaze. This color is a metallic “rose gold” with glitter. To me, it gives a nice soft additive to any of the colors to lighten it up in the crease and even over the brow bone.

I received a few compliments on Cricket and Amaze used together, and my mother liked it so much she wanted me to use it on her so I did. I think it blends beautifully with the red undertones of her skin and highlights her deeply dark brown, near ebony, eyes as well.

Out Goes Cricket, In Comes Lace

Lace is not as soft as it sounds. It is a deep, very rich “blue violet” with shimmering flecks and is listed as having a “pearlized” finish.


I paired Lace with another purple called Dare. This purple is listed on the site as being a “bright neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter”.


And to combine it all to make a look simply made for me I used Too Shy, a highly glimmered cobalt blue that has “flecks of silver, violet and aqua,” on the outer corners of my eyes and then used my blending brush to smooth out the lines.


Overall, I like Cricket the most I think. It’s soft enough to wear to an everyday type meeting depending on how you build up the color as you apply it.

IMG_2865The blush – Early Bird: I love it. I absolutely love it. I don’t think I’ll wear any of my other blushes after seeing this one on my cheeks. In fact, I usually don’t bother with blush but now I can’t imagine putting on makeup without this one.

I only have two more days of makeup wearing to go—one a definite and the other an “if I feel like it” type thing. Then my skin gets a break until I’m ready to try out more.

So many options…so few places to go.




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