To Paint the Canvas

My overall impression of this brand of makeup:

  • Lippie Stixs – I don’t like the consistency of the ones I have tried. My other lipsticks leave my lips feeling moist, they don’t have the feathering or line creasing and they just feel overall good on my lips even if I don’t put a gloss over it. These felt a little dry and didn’t work for me. But they have so many so they may work for you.
  • Pencils (Liners) – I only have one but it was okay when I tried it. I have some drugstore ones that I like more so they are my go-to for lips.
  •  Eye Shadows – Shadows are kind of like my Achilles’ Heel because I love eye shadows. I love the way eyes look without it but have seen strikingly beautiful shadow creations in the makeup world. When I do wear makeup my eyes tend to get the most notable look (in my opinion).

I’m not thrilled with Etiquette and I am so shocked at that because I like dark blues. But this takes dark to a whole new, not so attractive to my taste, level on me. Yes, on me. You might love it.

IMG_2858These new shadows I don’t know about just yet as to how they will look on me because I just got them. Although I did try Cricket last night and I like it. It’s not too hardcore so I played up the red lip.

I like the texture and the richness of the color in this brand. It can be applied with your finger or with a brush. I find it goes on deeper with the finger but it works really well so you can mix it up and play until you find your almost perfect fit.

  • Blush – Early Bird is my first of their blushes. The rich textures of this gives off a beautiful glow. Some say it looks like you just finished working out. Who doesn’t look hot (no pun intended) after a workout?


Overall Reasons I Tried ColourPop

  • Mentioned on Glamtwinz334 so I found out about it there.
  • Made in the USA
  • Not tested on animals
  • Beautiful colors
  • IMG_2864Intriguing names. Oh please, like shadows called Erotic, Cricket and Roulette aren’t eye catching.

For a woman who doesn’t wear makeup a lot I think it’s going to take me a while to try all of these out, but I shall definitely try them. I am finished buying makeup for a while.



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