Monday Musings: Working Out

I have done this before but for those of you who haven’t seen it and are looking for workout routines to add to your current routine, or use to kick off your journey to a healthier you here are some free (yes—free) things you can try.

yoga-310940_1280 (2)
Free artwork from:


Yoga can be used for cardio, lengthening, strengthening, relaxation and meditation. It’s well rounded and has many levels of difficulty so you can start at beginner and work your way up as you go.

As always, if you have any injuries or limitations do consult your physician before starting new routines. Also, pay attention to your body and if something is painful stop doing it or modify it to suit your needs.

  1. Hamstrings:
  2. Hips:
  3. Slim Waist:
  4. Weight Loss:

There are over 50 videos on her channel so you can pick and choose whichever ones are in your ability to do.

She also has some videos that are barely five minutes so if you’re short on time you can find one to do alone or to add to other routines as well.

runner-546896_1280 (2)
Free artwork from:


Dancing can be a great workout. No matter what style of dancing you’re into having fun while moving to music can provide a really strong exercise.

Be sure to warm up and cool down. The body needs to be prepped for the workout, but it also needs a good stretch to relax the muscles that worked so hard for you.


TIU Love Your Total Body:

And of course going for a walk outside, or jogging around a room in your house or in front of the TV while watching your favorite show, using weighted water bottles or cans of food can make for a good workout that doesn’t require a purchase of equipment you can’t afford. Stick with it, workout safely and have fun.


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