Friday Dish: Gardening Dinner

I’m not a fan of cooked carrots but I figured why not try something different for dinner that day. Something a little older made new and something different not tried before was a fun kitchen adventure. Still not a fan of cooked carrots though, but a little honey, olive oil and seasonings was okay for something different. My mom seemed to think they were good so that’s a win.

I didn’t grow these carrots in my garden—I can never seem to get carrots to grow. But the garden is doing pretty well while I cook the meals inside the home.


Roses, geraniums, fruit trees and more are all growing at will in the backyard and front yard. I like gardening, but I do wish I could make the backyard look like everything I have dreamed it to look like. Alas, this is the real world and not a dream.

IMG_2737IMG_2739 These are on one of the rose bushes in the backyard. I like the orange-red with yellow trim look to these. I would like to have a backyard full of rose bushes and that is on my maybe one day list but roses are not super cheap so it shall take some time to do what I want to do with my idea.

I need a few more fruit trees but I can probably afford those before the roses so I may get the remaining trees when I can and then move on to the roses…or I may try a little something different to my original idea. I don’t know. The backyard is like a canvas, not quite blank, but not quite full, so I have plenty of room to build new edible and not so edible art.

IMG_2773 IMG_2772 IMG_2717
Hey, if I’m ever able to get the bathtub I want I can fill it with rose petals and coconut milky water and relax like an ancient goddess…okay…maybe not—that would be one major post bath cleanup ;).

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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