A Flick of the Wrist: Building the Lie

I have been exploring YouTube for makeup videos lately. I don’t know why seeing as though I don’t wear makeup a whole lot and many moons ago, when I was a model, I learned how to put makeup on for camera. Plus I was that little girl who was my mother’s shadow so I always saw her putting on her makeup. But watching videos can give a twist on the everyday type makeup look.

What I have noticed lately when the ladies start without any makeup on their face at the beginning of the video is the dramatic difference makeup makes. I don’t find this to be the building of a lie, as I know some might believe it is; I see it as art. Kind of like Tabby from Pegasus I, too, think makeup can kind of be like poetry in color.

I watch the start to finish of the videos and see the transformation of an already beautiful face into something that looks even more alive with color…and the benefit of it all is that the scars stop being the focal point on the face.

I think because I’ve always been more about getting to know the person instead of focusing on what they look like I never let scars detract me per se. Hey, I have my own scars so why focus on everybody else’s scars.

Still, I don’t wear makeup a lot, maybe not even enough. Yet I buy makeup much like I used to buy jewelry. I don’t wear either often yet for the beauty of it I will buy it. How many tubes of lipstick and gloss do I have? How many shadows are nearly popping out my makeup case? Too many.


I should start wearing makeup more but it’s just really not my thing. However if I wore it I could solve two problems—1. people could stop asking if I’m old enough to drive while I’m trying to get to the car to move it so yard stuff can be loaded, and 2. I can stop getting dirty old men who are trying to pick me up because they think I’m decades younger than what I am. Problems solved—yes? Yes, yes.

I have new makeup on the way. I have a thing for buying shadows when I see them and I couldn’t pass up things like Cricket (which I have been told looks like gunmetal…does gunmetal really have lavender in it?), Too Shy (which looked really pretty in the case)…and some other colors that now I can’t remember what they are but they will be here soon. Lipsticks? I have too many. There is no way, even with mixing the colors to create something new, that I can ever use all of them. No more lipstick…um…I don’t think I added any lipstick to my cart at least. I shall see when it gets here I guess.

Is this a total waste of money? Nah. My mom now has me doing her makeup so I can always use some of this stuff before the expiration cutoff date. I may stretch out some products but when it comes to my eyes when the product expires I trash it.

Ladies, what are some of your favorite brands of makeup?

Men, are you anti women wearing makeup or do you like it sometimes?


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