Seasoned and Softened

All vegetables ~ Bell peppers, red onion, and romaine lettuce made for a yummy light dinner meal.


Other than spending a little time in the kitchen I am writing, working on a story that I am eager to see where it goes and what my characters do to react to things that have just happened to them.

I am also prepping the next book for release (later this year like May or June or later I think) and I will share the cover closer to the release date along with details about the story itself. It’s far different from Kill List and many of my other works too, but it’s still me.

I’m plotting and planning a makeover for something I do actually have the ability to do without needing help doing it, and of course I am still sewing. Once I finish the projects I have left I think I will take a break (unless I fall in love with yet another fabric) and spend a little time knitting and actually getting out of the house for something more than business and errands.

I’ve decided I don’t like my makeup (which I don’t wear often) because I think it’s a little too dark for me. Although I could swear I wore this shade before. My mother thinks it is fine but I don’t. Perhaps there is something wrong with my eyes, or I just don’t wear makeup enough to get used to me in color. But seriously, it looks off to me.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Scoop on what’s going on in my neck of the woods. I hope you all have had a great week and that you have a great weekend too.



    • Sorry, typo, but Kale is a lettuce–or at least I guess that depends on your origins because some people won’t classify it as a lettuce as others will. It is stronger than Iceberg lettuce, much greener and packs more nutrients. It’s one of those lettuces that some people can eat as is and others eat blended with other things. Do to the strong taste of it when I do use it I like to pair it with stronger fruits in a green smoothie to cover the taste better, or use a little in my salads with other lettuces and green veggies.

      I actually used Romaine in this dish but had Kale on my mind I guess.

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