Monday Musings: Much to Do

If you are hanging out near or on my Knit This ~ Sew That blog then you’ll notice that I have redone the blog layout and it’s growing in a good way.

I plan to make changes here and changes in general to my author online habitat, but those changes are just in planning. I’m not going to rush it because I don’t have everything I need yet, but I am working on it.

The changes to the Knit This ~ Sew That blog were both inspiring and almost idea crushing. Before I started the changes my original idea was to just make a different blog all together, but I really don’t want to have to deal with three blogs so why not just work with what I have…plus I wasn’t spending a lot of time on that blog so it’s still relatively in the starting stages with fourteen followers of whom I appreciate for following a neglected blog.

I liked the layout a lot and once I decided to jump in instead of waiting until I took the other step I was thinking about I was very excited to start working on it. But, as always, something happens to slow me down, throw the train off the tracks, or take way longer than anticipated. That very something…a lot of somethings…made me wonder if I really wanted to go through that with this blog. This blog is way older with way more posts so the thought was definitely leaning toward an “I don’t know about this.”

But I do want to make some changes and while I am not sure it will fully go as planned, in fact I’m sure it won’t, I am still going to work to see if it’s doable sometime this year or early next year.

I hope you all are enjoying Spring and bringing some positive changes to your world.


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