Foodtastic: What to Do While Writing

I have a couple WIPs going right now, but one I’m working on more. I am torn between suspense romance and a more contemporary romance story. Why am I torn? Because I see the story going both ways. The movie is in my head and the rabbit is bouncing around two different paths. I like them both, but there can be only one.–That just made me want to watch Highlander ;).

Anyway, while working on the next book on the to-finish list a woman has to cook.


I’m going to try something a little different next time, but I do love making this meal no matter how much I change it up it still turns out yummy.



I think once I grocery shop I will do an all vegetarian dish because I haven’t done one seriously in a couple weeks. I miss my all veggie dishes.

Anyway, tomorrow is a Fly on the Wall Sunday post so I will talk a little about Kill List. I know I haven’t done a full Fly on the Wall when it comes to books lately so I shall give a deeper inside look tomorrow.

Kill List is still available in print on Lulu, e-book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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