Friday Dish: The Edible Dish

fruit-treeThe two-type dwarf plum tree has loads of flowers this year. Last year it had a lot of leaves but only like two flowers. Those flowers got slaughtered in the first major storm and so it didn’t have fruit last year. I’m hoping this year we will have fruit but just as my mom says not to count your chickens before your eggs hatch I shall say don’t count your plums until you harvest them and know they’re edible.

Other than flower full lemon, orange and plum trees I am waiting on the apple trees, the pear trees, the peach tree, the other blueberry bush (one has a few berries already), the strawberries and the grapevines. That’s just the wait on fruit…all the bell peppers need to grow and then produce.

I don’t have to starve while I wait. Dinner was scrumptious. Red bell peppers, yellow onion, fresh sweet basil from the garden, the right amount of seasonings, mixed green salad with beet tops, shrimp cooked on the stovetop and lunch/dinner was really yummy.


That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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