Fear and Moving Forward

Have you ever had something that you wanted to try to do but you’re not so sure? The one thing I have to do for my mother I know I can do without a problem because I did it for my own shower already. Some of you might remember my post about that many moons ago. But the thing I want to do for my bathroom…well, the first part is a definite “oh yeah I can do that” moment. After that part it’s like, “um…or maybe I should just hire somebody to do it.”

But my brain constantly tries to complicate things because since I wanted a new tub would it be better if I just took the tub out while I’m at it? Hmm…will need man power to move the tub as I cannot lift a cast iron tub by myself but the dreamer in me wants to try it–with somebody else’s house not mine :). If I were flipping a house then maybe because the house is already probably torn up anyway. But tearing up my own bathroom is a completely different thing. No matter how much things need to be changed I’m not sure I can get past the realm of fear to do this myself.

To make things worse, my mother said I should knock out the wall to expand the bathroom. The only things I know about knocking out walls is:

  1. Do not take out a load bearing wall.
  2. It cost money.
  3. It could be a stress reduction action.
  4. Things will have to be fixed once said wall is knocked out and that takes money.
  5. I don’t know how to knock out walls since I’ve never done it…although I’m sure there is a YouTube video for that.
  6. I really should have gone back on the job with my dad’s company when I was a younger girl. But seriously, back then a full day of glass blocks and bricks was a deal stopper for a barely there pre-teen.
  7. Knocking out walls sounds really expensive so that takes money.

Yeah…I am so not knocking out any walls…unless I lose my mind that is. Although I have to admit I did think it sounded like a good idea at the time…you know, in my head anyway. The dreamer in me would like to do it, but the realist in me is thinking, “you idiot.”

I think I’ll stick with some smaller stuff…like the closet needs a fix so I want to change out the shelving. I have ideas but I have to start pricing and budgeting before I even think of getting started. I also want to make a storage bench and that I know I can do. Budgeting, planning, budgeting some more. Next year just might see me step over my fear zone and just do it. You only live once; right?


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