Wednesdays with the Arts: Creative Wakeup Call

I woke up, did my workout and my shower and the entire time my creative mind was plotting and planning. Was I thinking about books? Not really. While I do plan to finish the story I’m working on in, with hopes, the next seven days since I’m almost to the end—barring something happens to derail that train, I was thinking creative redecorating.

I’m actually skilled as a decorator. I studied a long time ago before the first move. I was working on getting into it with my own business and was going to work with a friend before a guy tanked that relationship. He was interested in me and while she wasn’t into him like that it just wouldn’t have looked good for the new girl to get married when she had been hunting across this country and beyond and still hadn’t found a husband. At the time I was just turning twenty-one and I was considered old for not being married so I imagine her nearing forty was probably considered ancient. I guess I understand why she did what she did, although I can’t agree with it I can understand that sometimes wants, fears, and feeling like something is out of reach is hard for somebody who truly wants that something. I didn’t want to get married so I couldn’t empathize with her–sympathize?–Yes, but still, once a friendship is broken it really can’t be fixed. No matter how hard you try trust is gone and without trust friendships never survive.

My dreams of decorating went out the window that week and I focused on school and jobs that I hated but they paid the bills.

I have been doing minor work since getting the house with my mom. Some of my work in the house took us from carpeted floors to tile.

My mother wanted white carpet and while we could find it in other states we called home many moons ago we couldn’t find it here. She was so anti the blondish beige carpet that I said, “what about tile?” She liked my idea so we went to the stores and looked. Ultimately we chose a different flooring installer and I picked the tile. Empty-Tile


I picked the chandeliers (all crystal, not plastic), the couches, most of the accessories, some of the tables, not the marble tables as they are older than I am but I did refurbish them a while back with my mother. Overall, it has been a successful remodel. The only thing left are the blinds of which I am scheduled to look through tomorrow and with hopes I will find a winner.



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