Fly on the Wall Sunday: Life Changes

There is nothing new in facing changes; life changes…it’s what it does. So of course I’m at a point where I figure I’m just along for the ride right now. No matter how hard I try for some things it just doesn’t workout for me. I have developed a few ideologies over the past few years but there are two crucial thoughts for me.

1. Everything happens for a reason.

2. Positive thoughts do not always breed positive results…but they’re so much more fun to have.

On the first thought I am at a point where I just sigh sometimes at how things have gone south (literally and metaphorically speaking) and then I shrug and say, “everything happens for a reason.” I don’t always know what the reason is. I don’t always find out right away, but sometimes, even if it’s years later, I see the reason.

On the second point I will say that sometimes thinking positive doesn’t always workout. I have started trying to think one positive thought when I kick off the morning. Something like, “today I am going to be happy,” is one of those thoughts. Sometimes it works but sometimes life turns to crap in an hour that lasts the entire day. I guess the real challenge is finding the bright light that with hopes isn’t connected to a train ahead, and finding a way to survive.

Life isn’t easy. I’m not sure it was ever meant to be easy. But sometimes staying realistic mixed with a slice of positive can really help. And if all else fails I have really started to believe that karma does exist and that all evil people will eventually get their comeuppance.

On a business note, there is only one book definitively scheduled for release this year left on the list at this time. Thanks to those of you who have been supportive of my work over the years.


Capri Montgomery


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