Wednesdays with the Arts: Flower Power

Sadly, I am that woman who sees flowers in the grocery store and can’t refrain from detouring to take a look. I like flowers and if they’re one of my favorites I stay just a little longer looking at them. So as some of you might remember last week on my “me” day I said I would probably look to see what other flowers I would want to add to the garden. Well, I was really good last week and I did not buy even one flower…that I can remember. No wait, my mother bought some. Oh but that wasn’t my fault.

Flower-Power-1flower-power-2We did pick two new flowers to add to the garden. They are so pretty and thankfully this, too, was not my fault. Okay…maybe a little my fault since I pointed out the yellow one thinking it was the flower my mother was talking about when in actuality she was talking about the red one. We got both of them.

I’m also noticing more of my gladioli shooting out the ground. I hope they will all bloom this year. Last year, with the weather, only a few didn’t bloom despite coming up. I’m hoping this year will have 100% growth and flowering capabilities. Some of the fruit trees are getting flowers so if they survive the spring and summer storms there just might be more fruit this year. The composting is…well…I guess it’s fine. Patience, it is a virtue…or so they say.

Happy Wednesday you all :).


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