Monday Musings: Kick Off

Such a great way to kick off Monday with language studies done for the morning, five thousand words written on my current WIP, and finalized ideas that I’m working on for my other world of writing affairs. Yep, it’s a beautiful Monday morning here with sunshine, flowers, and a garden still growing.

blog-web-photoThis is a scented geranium. It smells good and it wards off mosquitoes. We had them for a couple years before and liked them. They died out eventually so we are replacing them. We left one in the pot and put one in the ground. I do find these things work as the last time they were out I didn’t see mosquitoes hoovering around the doors or the yard. When we bought them the first time I just saw “mosquito plant” and not that it was a scented geranium so when they flowered after some time had passed I wondered why they were flowering and now I know. I would definitely say if you can afford them and want one that they are good to have. I have seen that they do actually do what the sellers claim they do.

We also have a flytrap out and one in the house. They do love to eat the other bugs and for that I love them. Really, there is very little worse than trying to garden and getting eaten alive by carnivorous disease infected bugs. Yuck!

blog-flower-webThe yellow roses are blooming like crazy, which is good, but the orange ones have bloomed their bloom and seem to be sleeping a bit. I really like them so I hope they will bloom again soon. They are not quite orange but I can’t remember the technical name for them.

And finally for today here is my Sweet Basil. Yeah, I’m leaving it in the pot. The last time I planted the smaller yard ones they died, the time before that they died too. In the pot they are doing well so I shall leave them there, outside still, but in the pot.


Oh well, I have a skirt to iron if I plan to wear it tonight and a story that wants the next scene.

Have a great Monday you all.


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