Fly on the Wall Sunday: Time Changes

If you live in a place where time changes don’t forget to spring forward as time changed today.

sunday-blog-photoI’m looking forward to the seasonal change which isn’t that far away. Some of the gladioli are already on their mission to rise and flower so the garden might look really pretty again this year. But as my mom says, never count your chickens before your eggs hatch and I am fully aware that a lot can happen between now and final bloom. We’re composting this year so that will be something new for us and I would like to see how it benefits the fruit trees and the garden in general.

Other than the usual cello, language studies, cooking, exercising, gardening and helping others run their errands I am writing. I have a story I’m working on (several actually) and one that I think I will work on after I finish the one I just decided to focus on. I’m making some plans that I shall have to see how things come together but I hope all the work will at least get me close.

Anyway, as most of you know if you have been reading my blog Kill List is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble for e-book and available in print on Lulu.

Kill List CoverWith help from the Witness Protection Special Conditions unit this Marine is calling in old favors and bringing in his team of elite military men to get justice for his sister’s murder while keeping the woman he loves alive. When a simple killer takes on more sinister shades of darkness can this Marine pull this mission off with success, or will the man he’s prepping to go to war with add another kill to his list.

Happy Sunday you all :).


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