Wednesdays with the Arts: Adventures in Garden Land

Today is my first “me” day in a really long time. Am I going on some great adventure? Am I traveling the globe in search of buried treasures? No and no. I am going to take care of business. Yeah, my “me” day is so not what I thought it would be but at least I’ll have some time alone for the day.

rose-for-webWill I garden today? I don’t think so. I have done my makeup and my hair and put on my favorite of my jumpers (my only jumper by the way) and with my heels ready to go walking there is no way I’m getting in the dirt in this outfit. However, I did get some pictures of the roses in bloom yesterday and the day before that I realized all the bell peppers seem to be doing okay and are surviving the last of winter so I’m happy with the garden…but…

hibiscus-webI kind of want to add another flower to the front yard so while I am off taking care of business I am going to see what bulbs I might want to plant in that there garden one day. On the other hand I should probably just plant a yard of bell peppers seeing as thought I use them a lot.

Have a great Wednesday you all.



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