Fly on the Wall Sunday: Kill List

Welcome to March.

As some of you already know Kill List is officially available today. Some of you may already have it due to pre-order but those of you who don’t you can find it on Amazon right now. It should be available on B&N soon, and if you want it in print check out Lulu because you can get it there.

Kill List CoverWith help from the Witness Protection Special Conditions unit this Marine is calling in old favors and bringing in his team of elite military men to get justice for his sister’s murder while keeping the woman he loves alive. When a simple killer takes on more sinister shades of darkness can this Marine pull this mission off with success, or will the man he’s prepping to go to war with add another kill to his list.

Kill List is a multicultural suspense romance with steam.

Small Excerpt:

Get a couple officers over here to clean it up, dump her body somewhere else, and make this go away like you’re paid to do. I’m pulling out. My work isn’t done and I can’t afford to have this cover blown. Get rid of it.”

She heard the closing of what she would call a flip phone cover. The man had just called Amber an “it?” That dirty bastard! She wanted to hurt him but common sense prevailed. No way was she going out there. No way was she going to get herself killed. She was going to make sure Amber’s parents knew the truth. She was going to make sure they got justice. But how was she going to do that if the cops were dirty too? He had told whoever he was talking with to get a couple officers over to clean up the body, and those words alone told her the cops were not friend, they were foe.

She waited, listening as the door closed and then waited for a hundred breaths longer.

Available Now On:


Lulu (print)

Should be up very soon on Barnes and Noble. I’ll post the link once I have it.


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