Wednesdays with the Arts: Complicated

It feels like my art endeavors take longer and longer to finish. Other than the basics of being busier I couldn’t figure out why my mother has finished two projects that she started well after my one project currently on my far too small sewing table. I mentioned this to my mother and she said, “I make simple things and you make complicated things.” Of course being me I heard one thing and my mind rushed to, “did she just say I make things complicated?” Fortunately the sane part of my brain told me to calm down and just ask what she meant instead of jumping into the deep end and getting sucked down the whirlpool of unnecessary defense tactics. She explained to me that she was only making a skirt and a wrap while I am making a more elaborate dress.

I thought more about her words and I realized she’s right. I complicate every pattern I think I’m going to make, every design idea I have in mind. It’s not just sewing, I do it with knitting. I do it with gardening. I do it with interior decorating. I do it with cooking. I do it with everything. But you know, that’s just me and my complicated artistic thought process really does lead to some beautiful finished projects. I also realized her words weren’t an insult. Her words were a recognition that I dream big, work hard, and eventually, even with some failures and far removed from original idea results I am an artist with vision and heart. I wouldn’t be the me that is me if I were any other way.


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