Wednesdays with the Arts: Foodtastic

My mom and I were in one of the Dollar Tree stores where we saw this nifty little cooking tool that we had seen before in one of the drugstores for way more money.

Stone Wave

~ Stone Wave ~

My mom said “it’s only a dollar,” as in if you hate it then at least it was only a dollar. Dollars add up don’t you know, but I decided why not try it. It has recipes in the box so sure I’m up for it.

Getting it home and opening the box made me think, “oh, how cute,” which led to the fact that it’s kind of small and maybe I should have two of them—one for lunch/dinner and the other for trying out a desert or two in it. Back to the store I went and home with two more of them I came (my mother bought those).

I didn’t use the recipe exactly but for the most part I did. If you have access to buying one of these in the store I would say it’s a good buy if you can afford it where you are. And if you’re a Dollar Tree visitor keep an eye out there because sometimes they have stuff that cost more elsewhere.

In this dish I modified their Zucchini Tomato Sauté recipe to create this…

pre-cooked veggies

cooked in dishIn this dish is zucchini sliced about 1 inch thick and a mix of Gourmet Medley Tomatoes including cherry, grape and mini plum tomatoes. I used about 1-tsp (dinner table spoon) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, minced garlic with a little of the juice included, dried basil and parsley flakes (seasoned in the a little bit of this, a little bit of that style).

roasted foodOutside of this dish I made what could be a side dish into a meal by roasting small shrimp, and red onions all seasoned with Cayenne pepper, paprika and oregano. This was roasted for about 30 minutes or a little less.

End meal…

Voila — finished and ready to eat



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