Shaken Not Stirred…Or Not

Some of you already know that I am keenly interested in healthy eating and working out. I love working out and always have.

I also like eating healthy and this is something that I have been developing since a young age. Many moons ago the first thing to go for me was beef and pork. The second major change was a complete cut out of all fast food. The third thing out of the equation was eating out at all. I prefer to cook my own food. The fourth thing was cutting out chicken. The last thing, just last year, was cutting out eggs, animal milk, and animal products—other than shrimp and some fish (I don’t really like fish though). I was on the verge of cutting that out completely, but it’s actually good for my mom so I left it in the cooking routine. Sometimes I eat it, sometimes I don’t, but I can say that a few pieces of oven roasted shrimp, well seasoned without salt, adds a very special something to a dressing-less salad.

SaladYes, I actually cut out salad dressing a long time ago so this is not new. However, I found a recipe to make my own dressing. I prefer my salad without it, but it was easy and fun to make. The guy who talked about the recipe said that it’s not just about what you eat but what you absorb and having a bit of oil helps with that.

When I roast my veggies I use olive oil so I think that’s fine as it is. But I did try the dressing recipe out on raw veggies and it was okay. I modified the recipe not to include salt. I used a dash of white pepper. The second time I changed the recipe completely and I liked my recipe better. Still, I like my salad without the dressing so I probably won’t make it often.

Anyway, I used the following:


½ lime

½ lemon

(juices squeezed through a strainer to prevent pulp and seeds from falling in)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The recipe he gave for his dressing was 3 parts olive oil to 1 part acid so you can do the math and figure it out for however much dressing you are making. I don’t measure so for me it was a pour in type method. I also stirred mine and didn’t shake it.

Now if you would like to try his salad recipe (I didn’t make this so I can’t vouch for it) you can find it via Michelle Phan’s page along with his dressing recipe.

My Salad:

Organic Romaine lettuce, Iceberg lettuce and Spinach

Yellow and Organic Green onions

Red bell pepper

Avocado (cut in cubes)

Gourmet Medley Tomatoes


(The salad in the pictures here have roasted veggies – but I do like to do it with raw veggies too—except the tomatoes as I am not the biggest fan of tomatoes so I won’t eat them raw and I rarely eat them roasted.)

Bon Appétit.

Salad Healthy


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