Monday Musings: Monday Has Never Been So Busy…

Okay, maybe it has been much busier than today before. Today I had to take the car in; they had to take the gas tank off, replace some stuff, put the gas tank back on. I’m sure it’s back on otherwise I wouldn’t have made it home ;). You know, there was a lot of car surgery today that made me hate cars even more. Thanks to my dad for the assist on this one.

I missed two things I love to do–working out and practicing cello. I really wanted to do both today but I had an early appointment with the car doctors and a long wait meets long drive meets business stuff while thinking about the idiot who ran me off the road this morning and hoping Karma pays her a visit real soon. I know, not very Christian of me…I shall work on it.

I also realized that I have been sad since I moved here. The sadness doesn’t seem to go away I just manage to work through it more often than not. I joke about the fact that I have cried more times since moving here than I have in my entire life…sadly, I think that’s probably true. So I’m trying to figure out what to do about it.

Dr. Oz’s show (no I don’t watch it but I was stuck at the car place today) had a woman on trying to help people with binge eating. I don’t binge eat. In fact, when I’m sad or busy working it takes a lot for me to remember to eat. Anyways…I liked her suggestion for them to fill the cookie jar with things that they can do (like doing) and instead of reaching for food, pull a piece of paper out the jar and then do that instead. I think it would be good to try with my attempt to rid the sorrow in my life except I really only like working out and playing cello…at that rate I would spend like hours upon hours working out and playing cello every day. The positive side on that–I’ll lose weight and be a great cellist. The negative side–I can’t afford to lose any weight.

I would say I should get out the house more but there is absolutely nothing to do here, nowhere to go, and gas prices are too high to be driving all over the state looking for something to do.

So yeah, today has been busy externally and internally. Tomorrow is looking busy too but I will for sure get both workout and cello practice in–well the workout is for sure at least.


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