Fly on the Wall Sunday: I Sew Therefore I Write

Okay, so the two are not dependent on each other, but I did get the new story in my head while pinning the outfit I will work on after I finish all the others. My mother only cuts one out at a time but since we are sharing the main table that’s stable enough to cut fabric out on I wanted to get everything that I could cut out. So yeah, I have a lot of projects to work on once I finish dress number two. And I am so not cutting out the last project–a skirt and vest–until I finish the many projects sitting on my table, the ottoman, the chair :). I realized this morning that I sew much like I write.

Right now I have five (5) stories open. In my defense there were only three open yesterday, but then there was that movie that started playing in my head yesterday and I woke up this morning with it still playing so I decided to just write what I have seen thus far. While writing it one little word came up, “ghost,” which reminded me of the story Ghost–not the movie, but the requested Men of Action series book. I was done with the series but I got a special request to revisit the team. I’m okay with that, but I can only write when stories are on my mind and Ghost just hadn’t been on my mind. But that one word in today’s writing made me open the file again. You see I had an idea to do a spin off series for a couple of the characters from Men of Action and it just so happens that my new book would be a perfect lead in for it…well, as I sit here and type it happens to be that way. I make no promises as to what will happen while I’m in the sewing room today.

I have a picture of the last finished dress. I will get it from camera to computer and post it on the Knit This ~ Sew That blog as soon as I come up for air from lace land…yes, I’m making another lace dress. My gosh, you would think I would remember why I keep telling myself to stop making them by now. I love them, but it’s a lot of work playing in lace land.

Happy February you all. I will have the new video on YouTube up soon as well.


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