Friday Dish: Kill List

Hey. I know I haven’t been here much this week but I have been needed elsewhere. I’m really busy wrapping up the 30 day fitness thing that my mom and I are doing. I believe it ends about the third day of next week…I think. I miss my actual workouts so I will be happy to see this challenge go the way of the wind.

I also finished one of the dresses but did not feel like pulling out the camera to get a picture of it so maybe, eventually, I will show it while I work on the next dress. But with migraine attached to bad news today I’m really not in the mood to sew, practice cello, knit, or do anything else.

So today I’m just going to do the official share of the cover for Kill List. Kill List is the last book in the Witness Protection segment of the Special Ops series. I will share more about it as the release date approaches.


That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a good end of month you all :).


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