Friday Dish: The Death of 145 Stitches

Today on the Knit This ~ Sew That blog I am talking about the do and don’t aspects of knitting. Come check it out to see how 145 stitches became none.

I’m also back to sewing. I thought I would work on the red dress, but I’m going to work on the not so red dress first that way my mom and I can work the same threads at the same time. It’s a pain to keep re-threading the needles because she needs black or beige while I need red or white. I cut out her pattern pieces this morning for her and we pinned them together. Tomorrow we go our separate ways (in work only) because I have to finish marking my project while she still has to set up to pin the last of her pieces for the other thing she’s making.IMG_0939

I’ve missed sewing and can’t wait to finish all of my far too numerous cut out projects.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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