Monday Musings: Weekends into Mondays—100 and Counting

The weekend made me start thinking (again) about some things that I want to do, things I have planned and things I wish were better. A thought hit me—be thankful for what you have, for how things are going if it’s not a disaster waiting to happen, and keep it moving. So today I’m reminding myself of the same things while I work at changing some things and seriously planning others.

The Good

All edits are almost into the electronic file. Today I am hoping to finish the transfer, then I can spell check both books before printing another copy to hand off to my editor. These books are on their way to making my deadline.

100 and Counting…

Today was 100 days of Irish studies for me. I don’t feel as if I’m anywhere near where I should be. I can’t speak the language with anybody because there is nobody here who speaks it. But this is the language I wanted to learn, one of them anyway, so I am going to keep moving. Now if I could find movies in Irish that would be great.

IMG_0888Dinner meals just keep getting better all the time. Last week I found a new way to roast my veggies that my mom loves. Yesterday I tried something different with my vegetarian chili and it’s really good.

The Mediocre

Writing and publishing. As much as I love writing and having the ability to share the stories sometimes, it’s not totally where I want it to be right now. I’m not really sure what that means for my future in the publishing world, but as I said up above, “be thankful” and “keep it moving” are things I am trying to keep working on doing.

Other News

I have one more week of YouTube videos scheduled. I posted one on the leading man yesterday so the next video will probably be up by Sunday(ish). If you all have anything you want discussed let me know and I’ll see how I can work it in. If you have questions about The Devil’s Lair or other Capri Montgomery books I can talk about those too.

Happy Monday you all.



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