Wednesdays with the Arts: Food and Fiction

play it again combo I love writing. Building worlds is an amazing job to have. But with world building one must eat. This week I tried a little something new with something I usually make and it went off with rave reviews. I think of Hitoshi Sato from Check Mate, a book within the Play it Again combo pack falling in the BBM series. He’s a chef who makes fabulously delicious foods. I think he and I have that in common…well, his would look prettier than mine, but the taste would still be rave worthy.

Early Dinner

First step was to let my lovely vegetables sit for a couple hours in the refrigerator with a little bit of olive oil and seasonings on them. Red bell peppers are my favorite by way of taste, green my least favorite, and when I’m out of red, yellow, then orange, are my go to peppers. For this meal I used my last red bell pepper :(. Good thing a grocery store run is not too far away. I want to buy all the red bell peppers…but red is way expensive here so maybe I’ll just settle for a few ;).


I used both sweet onion and scallions—a.k.a. green onions to some. I’m out of some of the other veggies I like to use but I really did want to keep this meal simple because along with the old meets new came a completely “I can’t believe you’re going to eat that out of the usual chili” type of thought. Yep, beans I’m not a beans fan, but I do like black beans so I work with them. I understand they are great for protein and very healthy.

IMG_0881I used my little bit of this and little bit of that seasoning tactics, which I added in a seasoning I don’t use often, and I took out one I do use often.

Well, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, romaine and spinach made the early dinner a delicious meal.

Something Old

My something old for the week was a green smoothie. I love these. I know some people don’t like drinking their fruit and veggies but I like it. While I don’t mind eating spinach raw, outside of salads I don’t eat it all day long. A green smoothie gives me the best of both worlds. I get help toward my daily dose of fruits and veggies, and at the same time, with the right fruits, I can mask the taste of the kale, power greens, and even the spinach.

IMG_0883I will say that power greens need a whole lot of help from homemade cran-apple juice to mask those. But I mostly use spinach and sometimes kale, water, fruit, and a single serve blender. Sometimes the family size blender, but single serve allows me to put different things in mine from what my mom needs.

Overall, world building takes energy, energy needs healthy foods, and after a really fun filled power workout, a delicious breakfast, and a rave worthy early dinner I think this author is ready to build diversified worlds one book at a time.


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