I’m Almost a Vegetarian…

…Or am I?

The Vegetarian Vegan Confusion

I knew a woman when I was a little girl who said she was a vegetarian. She didn’t eat any meat or ingest any animal product which meant she also didn’t eat cheese or use dairy products. Then I met a guy who said he was a vegan and that vegans do eat meat but don’t cook anything. This confused me because if you eat meat wouldn’t you cook it? Well, maybe not. Some people do eat raw fish so okay…I’ll go with the not cooked explanation.

But…yes, there is a but…I read elsewhere that true vegans are the ones who don’t utilize any animal product in food or clothing. Sounds like a lot of confused people to me. Like I know there are different types of vegetarians, but are their different types of vegans too? Their confusion is confusing me.

I’ve decided not to lump myself in a tight little box. I will eat what I eat without worrying about if I am falling into the world of vegetarianism, veganism or anything else. I know with certainty that the only meat I currently eat about once a week or two is shrimp. I am thinking of dropping that from my eating habits because shrimp really isn’t all that healthy, or so I have read anyway, but I have not decided yet and I still have raw shrimp in the freezer so I shall see.

I don’t drink dairy milk. I have used coconut milk which works in some meals and not in others. My mother uses soy milk but I can’t really handle the taste of soy.

All of this mixed information makes finding new vegetarian recipes to mix up my current meal preparation difficult. Every vegetarian sandwich recipe I seem to find includes cheese and I don’t eat cheese. I could probably search for cheese-less recipes, but somehow I don’t think that will work. But it never hurts to try I guess.


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