Monday Musings: To Be A Pescitarian

Humans seem to love to wrap things in tight little boxes. My mother asked me the other day if she was a vegetarian if she ate shrimp. She then asked me if shrimp was considered meat. It’s like…uh, I don’t know, but I’ll look it up.

I found out that shrimp and other seafood is considered meat and therefore she is a Pescitarian. Pescitarians follow a vegetarian diet except for they eat seafood. That makes me a vegetarian some days and a pescitarian other days. I have to cook all the meals so I don’t cook two different ones. Plus it’s kind of yummy to put shrimp in the roasted veggie salad sometimes so I guess that puts me on the fence. Maybe this year I’ll transition to completely vegetarian…I don’t know yet. I’m already an organic fruit and veggie eater, I haven’t had meat (outside of tuna and shrimp) in years, and I cut animal dairy products out completely last year Going completely vegetarian might be healthier than straddling the fence.


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