Friday Dish: Completion

What a way to kick off the year! I finished that story I started like last month. Yes, it needs a lot of editing, and will probably gain some sections and lose some too, but the first draft is finished. It is longer than the novellas I really like to write so that makes at least two longer books coming up earlier this year.

I also started another story yesterday–no shock there.Sure, why not have new movies playing in my head when I have several that I should get back to ;).

But I am happy with the book I just finished the first draft on. It is darker than I usually write. It’s very edgy, hardcore, and not that feel good through the entire book kind of story. I’m not really sure why this movie started playing in my head but once it started I couldn’t stop. So this is fair warning that it’s a harder story to read. I have already cried once while writing one of the scenes and it is rare that I do that. I have cried on one or two scenes before but this one is so gut wrenching that it was really hard getting through it.

Amazingly, the story that came to me yesterday that I started writing and will focus on now (along with loads of edits for two of the books) is also kind of sad. I have decided to start it from a different point because where the movie started playing in my head had me crying and I thought, two books in a row where I’m doing tear inducing scenes is hard on me. Sadly, though, the book itself is a bit of a sad suspense romance so with hopes I won’t cry while writing it, but at least I know the strongest tear inducing moment is not set to be in the book at this time.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place :).


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