Wednesdays with the Arts: The Writer’s World

Have you ever thought about something and it stewed within you until you decided to do something about it? That happens with me for some stories. Like with When the Heart Breaks, i had thought of the kissing scene first and then saw the movie play in my head mostly up to that part. It kept on playing getting more detailed, stewing basically, and I just couldn’t resist writing it.

Other stories just come to me while I’m washing dishes and I run to write down the notes, or while I’m working on another story, driving, basically when I’m doing other things.

But the one I just started this morning, unplanned and not fitting in a series…yet…but does kind of fit in with my other series that I talked about the other day; it’s just longer than what I wanted those books to be. How do I know it’s longer? Because there is a lot of movie playing in my head right now. But never count your chickens before your eggs hatch so for all I know the end could come swiftly. Even though I think there is much more than a novella in this story I could be wrong.

“Write the story in as many words as it takes to tell the story, not one more, not one less.” I read this advice somewhere and agreed because that’s how I write. When the movie stops playing I won’t force words just to count. I’ve never written that way. So with hopes, this longer movie I see in my head will actually be a longer story on paper.

Right now I have the sketchy details. I know the plot. I know what my leading lady does, and I know what my leading man does. While I know what she looks like I have no clue what he looks like. Is he Japanese-American? Is he Native American? Is he Hispanic? I don’t know yet. Clearly I don’t know exactly how he looks but I’ll need to figure that out within the next couple chapters. I don’t know his name either…well, duh since I don’t know his ethnicity yet ;). My leading lady, on the other hand, I know her ethnicity and I still don’t have a name for her yet; I need to figure that out before the next chapter, which is like about to start once I finish this post.

I love writing. I love exploring worlds one book at a time. There is something magically, mesmerizingly special about the world of books to me.


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