Fly on the Wall Sunday: Happy Winter Black Rose

Hey, happy winter to those of you who are going into the winter season.

Today’s Fly on the Wall is taking a look at a book coming in just a couple days. It is the last Capri Montgomery book of the year. Things to come next year are the last book in the Russian Connection series, The Devil’s Lair. It’s in final round of edits and should be out sometime in January. Kill List, a book I’m pretty excited about that is the last book in the Special Ops series Witness Protection Segment. The Emperor’s Mate, a book that takes me back into the Adventures Through Time series, and I am working on another series where the books are all standalone. It’s just a series because it revolves around the same theme. So next year has some books planned, but not all of them are on the release list yet. Stay tuned for updates here on the blog.

Now on to Black Rose.


“They had warmed to each other, but they had never truly burned for each other.”

Haruto Matsumoto loved his wife, and he can’t deny it. But years after her death he’s in the presence of a woman that makes him feel a way he has never truly felt before. One look at Danita Moore has his heart yearning for her, and his body wanting to conquer hers. Can Haruto resist the fires of passion simmering within him or will putting himself in the position of her teacher cause those fires to go from simmer to raging inferno?

Black Rose is a contemporary IRR BWAM ~ Coming very soon…as in as soon as I can get it uploaded and Amazon and B&N releases it, so possibly Tuesday or Wednesday.


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