Friday Dish: The Sword

I think sometimes mothers are like the sword of confidence. They sometimes have confidence even when their children don’t.

Here I am, taking on something I wanted to focus on before. I know my limits and sometimes I mistakenly think I can push past them. Well, I can push past them but both sides of my brain are at war. There is my creative side cheering me on and my logical side going, “yeah right”. This is where my mom comes in. I took my papers to her and said, “now aren’t you glad I didn’t spend hundreds on this.” I then went on about how I just don’t get it and how some of us just aren’t really meant to get some things. My mom said to me “you’ll get it. Keep practicing.”

I laughed and told her it looks like an alien. She agreed with me with a smile on her face. So I told her, “it’s supposed to be human.” She laughed. Yeah, it looks like an alien, but at least she tells me it looks like one she saw in one of the sci-fi shows she watched.

Yeah, humans, aliens…same thing :).

Although I am giving myself a vote of confidence because the first time I tried to draw a peach it sucked a lot, but eventually I got it, so maybe I’ll get this too. And if I don’t…well, I am working on an alien story you know.

My brother got the drawing talent, my mother can draw too. I…I draw aliens…yay me.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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