So Close…Yet So Far

I don’t read horoscopes. I’m just not into that kind of thing for at least two reasons…maybe more, but at least two.

1. I don’t believe in it…although I do believe my mom is psychic a little even if she denies it.

2. The religion I grew up in strongly spoke against it. It was like satanic or something…I don’t know. I promise I was paying attention back then…well, kind of anyway…but it’s been years and I can’t remember the why of it; I only remember the “don’t do it,” command.

At any rate, I got this magazine delivered on the table via my mom who fished it out the mail box only to realize it wasn’t even ours as the person doesn’t live here. So I sorted through it before putting on a coat and shoes so I could take it back to the box. The first page I hit was on the astrology for 2015–on the exact page for my sign…maybe that was a sign or something.

Apparently good things will come my way. I’m going to meet a man (romantically) I can talk to which is good because they say I’ll be bored with a man I can’t talk to. Okay, so they are right on the bored part, but how many people wouldn’t get bored with that.

Also, I have some creative ventures that are going to come to a happy and successful state. Okay, this one I hope is so true because I really do have a lot of creative endeavors that I’m working on and it would be great if something shaped up for the best for a change.

Also, they said not to tell others, outside of a few close confidants, about my plans. Okay, that is obvious because sometimes people have a way of trying to derail others. It’s like they are so miserable with their life that they want to make everybody else the same way.

At any rate, since I don’t believe in the whole astrology thing I should probably not put any stock in my accidental read of the page with all the pretty pictures.

Wavy-ShawlHow is my latest non writing related project going?

Fabulously wonderful. I’m working on the second ball of yarn now which tells me I will be going through the yarn I bought quickly, and probably completely too.

How is writing going?

Awesome. I’m editing, adding on to a story, and on top of that I have a new story idea in mind. I have the opening scene kind of started but it will need to be better structured before I can move forward.

How is music going?

Um…Yeah, I’ll um…happy Tuesday you all :).


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