Fly on the Wall Sunday: Code of Honor—New Release

“Put a bullet in him and you’re done.”

To say that Rhys isn’t in the mood to take on a shift in assignment and become protector to a woman he doesn’t know is an understatement. He is not a U.S. Marshal and what he does for the fairly new special team of Marshal services does not involve being guardian. But as with all things in life, sometimes fate has a different agenda and what he is soon to find out is that guarding Abigail is so deeply connected to his own mission that not guarding her isn’t an option.

Code of honor use option ebookShort Excerpt:

Abby felt her anger spiking. She was going to be their prisoner until whoever was in charge of this fiasco figured out what was going on. If the history of their government was any indicator she would say that would be the rest of her life—short as that life might be now.

“My laptop would be nice.”

“Not going to happen. Next?”

“If I’m going to be on lockdown I need to work or I’m walking out of here right now.”

“Really,” she smirked more of a non question than anything. Abby turned around and saw two men standing in both corners of the closed door room. Both men had guns fastened to their hip.

“Bloody hell,” she turned her attention back to Autumn with swift haste. “What kind of group is this? You can’t just kidnap people—that’s a federal offense you know.”

Autumn gave a soft laugh. “I’m sure our federal government will get around to reading the rules they created one day and actually instituting them correctly. However, until they do that, you’re ours and you’re on lockdown. Going willingly will be more comfortable for you, Abby.”

Code of Honor is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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