Last Day of the Month

Today is the last day of the month for some of us, and we’re getting ready to head into the last month of the year. Wow…2015 is not that far away.

I actually don’t have a set time of year to look at my life and analyze it so now seems like as good of time as any I guess. Looking back on the year thus far I see things I’m glad I tried, things I want to try, things I should have done better, and things I am tired of doing, stories I really don’t feel like exploring and so I probably won’t explore them.

Movies have definitely been playing in my mind. Some series have gotten started. Some have almost ended…we are one book release out on the Russian Connection series. Basically, some other series are…fading. So since I don’t hear from you all I’ll just say it’s safe to say that you won’t mind if I don’t finish some of them. Consider it like Hollywood’s version of canceling a television show.

Two books in the Witness Protection segment of the Special Ops series are mostly done. One is on final edits and the other one is still going through editing so I know that eventually both of those books will be out. The last Russian Connection series book is on it’s way to the last few rounds of edits so that one should be out early next year. Other movies have been playing in my mind. I started writing them, but I don’t know if I will finish them. If I do finish writing it this will be a rather big book and probably not out until later 2015.


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