Monday Musings: MFEO or Not

I’m starting to think music school and I just aren’t MFEO (made for each other). They still do not have a cello teacher. But you know, I have been teaching myself this long I guess I’ll just keep on teaching myself. I have a lot coming up next year anyway so maybe it’s a sign. Things happen for a reason right? For what I want to do I have to utilize my lawyer a lot more, which costs money. I’ll also need help because while I know a little, I really want this to be almost perfect. No human is perfect and thereby cannot produce perfection, but getting me close will be great. Of course finding somebody really good will cost really good money too ;). Yep, loads to get done and basically I need to start the process come January…January 2015 :).

Nervous? Yes. Exhausted thinking about all the work that has to go into this? No…more like invigorated. Is it going to work out? Who knows. But I figure if I don’t talk about it I stand a better chance of having it work out for me than if I do talk about it, so I’m not talking about it until all barefooted ducks are in a row :).

Happy Monday you all. For those of you in the land of Black Friday…try not to get trampled while running for that highly coveted item.


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