Wednesdays with the Arts: Music Arts

It’s not really a surprise to most people that I Love music. Sometimes I can hear a song that inspires a movie to play in my head and sometimes that movie makes its way to print. Sometimes I hear music and it makes me wish I was so much better as a cellist than what I am. And sometimes it reminds me that no matter how busy the day is I have to make time for practice.

Last night I finally got around to listening to the music below the end of the written text. I had found it while listening to something else and I clicked on it, bookmarked it, and shut down the computer because I had to leave to be somewhere. I kind of forgot about it…oops. :). But I will say that I like this one..some of it more than other parts. Can you figure out which part made my ears perk up and made me go in search of it on Amazon to buy? I could only find two of the songs in my rush last night, but I would so buy the entire soundtrack if I could find it. And you know something else? Well, I am still working on that one story that this particular song would so fit in…kind or makes me want to get back to working on it…um…after editing all the other recently and not so recently finished stories.

Happy Wednesday you all.



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