Monday Musings: Yes! Yes! A Thousand Times Yes!

Hey everybody. It’s been a really good morning. I finished the first draft of Kill List. Oh, there are lots of red squiggly lines to clean up, but that’s kind of what happens when you know you’ve spelled the word wrong but your fingers are on fire (not literally of course) and you can’t stop typing the story in your head. Yep, red squiggly lines. I’ll deal with all that when working on edits. Oh, boy…that’s now three stories that need edits sooner rather than later :(, but at least one of them is rolling into final edits and the other into the second round of edits.

Oh, and I got an idea for a story yesterday. Oh, like you’re really surprised about that ;). Nearly five thousand words of story came to me and I’m excited to write it, but I haven’t seen the entire story in my head or even close to it. It all started because I was thinking of a job. It’s not some spectacularly amazing job, but it could be fun so I just started thinking and thinking led to more thinking, and a movie started to play. Sadly, I’m still not sure what’s going to happen. Is this suspense-romance or contemporary romance? It’s definitely not sci-fi…um…well…it shouldn’t be sci-fi ;).

I hope everybody is getting the week off to a good start.



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