Fly on the Wall Sunday: 2014 Highlights

It’s hard for me to pick favorites on books…I love them all for one reason or another, but I must say that Guarding Angel definitely is my favorite in the Witness Protection segment so far. Although, Kill List is for sure going to tie with it on my favorites in a series/segment list.

 2014 Highlights

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover uploadGuarding Angel: When the man guarding her is the very man who broke her heart in the first place, can she forgive him? Or will memories from the past complicate the present and cause both of their demise?

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Lulu

Play it Again Combo Pack: Is a collection of three stories following three brothers. This one is within the BBM line of books.

Sometimes the game isn’t about winning; it’s about finding love. Three brothers are about to find that their skill for the game can lead to unending love.

Three brothers, three beautiful women, a skill for the game, and one moment that will define their destiny.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Lulu

play it again combo

Pattern-for-Murder-web Pattern for Murder is the first book in the Russian Connection series. The second book, Pegaus, will be out Wednesday, but is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

Pattern for Murder: A designer with class and a flare for style. A business man with edge and a not so legal history. A cult that won’t let her go. And a dark cloud of danger hovering over the woman of his heart. There is a pattern for everything and Bailee-Jayde is finding out that everything includes murder. Can she survive? Or will she be forever forced into that dark night.

Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble

Pegasus: This is book two in the three book Russian Connection series. This is available for pre-order now on Amazon and will be available on Barnes and Noble soon as well. The release date is set for the 12th of this month so you can pre-order your copy and end up waking up to it on your Kindle.

Pegasus: “I protect what needs to be protected,” he snarled. “In any way that I need to do it.”

Pegasus-webAleksei Valevach doesn’t mince words, nor does he try to veil the facts. When Tabitha James excuses him of spying on her it doesn’t shake Aleksei in the least. There’s somebody after his woman and he would rot in hell before he would let whoever was after her harm one centimeter of her body. Can the woman of his heart embrace the protector within him? Or will a strong willed vivacious beauty fight him tooth and nail while putting herself at the entry to hell’s gate? Find out in the second book from the Russian Connection series—Pegasus.



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