Friday Dish: At Last

Friday already and I feel like the week has gone by in a haze of busy work. It wasn’t all writing work, which I should have done more of seeing as though this is work for me and a woman does need to eat you know…but life-work kind of took over. Running errands for other people, taking my mom to doctor’s appointments and doing research for her on things she needed–yeah, maybe this should be my job instead because I’m pretty good at doing for other people…not always so good at making sure I’m taking care of me in the process though.

So what has this start of November held for me other than being busy? Strange Dreams…and that really should be in all caps there. It wasn’t like the typical aliens eating humans brains or invading their body, destroying the world and all that fun stuff. Nope, this was stuff that could really happen, stuff that for so long, and even still, I’m sure I don’t want to happen–so why am I dreaming about it? Why in my dreams do I seem happy about it and why do I wake up content that it happened in my dreams, but still happy that it’s not happening in my waking world? I have my theories on the answer.

At any rate, getting off the way too personal track…I’m working on plans for next year. If you’re going to the Interracial Romance Author Expo I’ll be there so be sure to say hi if you can find me.

I’m excited about Pegasus coming out next week…in just a few days actually. It’s still up for pre-order on Amazon right now. It will be available on B&N next week too.



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