Grow with Words: November Mix

Good Morning

Hi. Happy November! New month, new day, new possibilities. I hope you are all ready to kick off the month in a positive way.

For me, I have positive things on the horizon…positive to me anyway. The older I get, the more I realize I like being me, and I’m thankful for what I do have.

Ooh, and I’m still learning Irish…in case you didn’t notice from my good morning picture. I love learning this language. I’m starting day 20 of my lessons today. Learning the language hasn’t scared me away…yet ;). Seriously, I’m in it for the long haul. I might not get it perfectly, but I’ll learn what I can learn even though I don’t live anywhere near anybody who speaks the language and will probably never actually need to use it. Hmm…oh well, on with today’s Grow with Words word.

plucky ~ having or showing a lot of courage or determination.

Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary



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