Fly on the Wall Sunday: Pegasus ~ Passion or Duty

I know I have been kind of MIA from the blog, but between studies, trying to do edits, and running my mom on her errands life has been crazy busy. I’m back today and I’ll try to stay as active as possible.

So on to the Fly on the Wall Sunday post.

Aleksei has definitely fallen hard for this spicy woman, but with the past that haunts her he will need to put his desire for her as much on simmer as he can while he focuses on finding out who is stalking her in time to save her life.

Pegasus is up for pre-order on Amazon now.



“A cop friend of mine,” he used the word friend with emphasis that there was something more behind it, like this cop was owing to him for something he had helped him out of once upon a time. “He told me this Roberto Torres guy, well he wasn’t so easy on women. He took a call out to Roberto’s home because neighbors were concerned with the yelling. When he got there the woman had a split lip. That woman was Tabitha James.”

Aleksei’s fingers curled inward into a ball ready to pound the man who dared lift a hand to harm her.

“She didn’t press charges. He told her she should, but she said no. She grabbed her stuff told the man they were over and she left. The cop gave her a ride home since Roberto had actually driven her around to where he wanted to go that day she didn’t have a way home.”

A raw curse tore from his throat. He didn’t stick around for more. He was so angry that he wasn’t thinking Fydor might have more to say; he was just thinking of the things Tabby hadn’t said.

He stormed into his office, slamming the door so hard behind him that she jumped with a startled yelp. He stalked toward her. She got out of the chair and eased back away from him. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going or she would have realized she was backing into a corner.

He reached her, but he didn’t close the gap. Even in his anger he didn’t want to make her afraid of him and he already had.

“You lied to me.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“He hit you.”

Her eyes widened in an “oh,” kind of look. “I never said he didn’t.”

Pre-order Pegasus on Amazon now and get it upon release November 11, 2014


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