Fly on the Wall Sunday: Tá sé orm

orm. = He is on me.

Um…I think it’s because I’m a writer within the romance genre but my first words were “um…oookayyy.?” And that was in one of those OMG, seriously kind of tones. Really, “He is on me” just kind of brought up a completely different image in my head. I’m still not sure where I would use this sentence in my usual conversation but I could probably figure it out if I get my mind out the romance writing gutter long enough to do it ;).

So what else is going on inside this writer’s Fly on the Wall look? Other than language studies, I’m still knitting…slowly but surely I will finish this project—with hopes by my deadline. Edits for Code of Honor are ongoing still, and I have another sewing project to finish but I am not planning to get on it until later this week. There are errands to be run and business to be taken care of so it’s going to be another busy week.

If you’ve read Pattern for Murder then you know the next guy in the three men Russian Connection group is up for his story in Pegasus. Tabby is my ultra artsy makeup extraordinaire with curves that make Aleksei take notice at first sight—plus she’s pretty and really a hard catch for the man who has never had trouble getting a woman to say yes to his pursuit. Could Tabby be the woman to bring him to his knees? Can he keep her alive long enough to find out?

Pegasus is up for pre-order on Amazon. It will be available next month so pre-order now and get it on release day delivered to your Kindle device.


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