Friday Dish: On My Way

I know it’s not the same time, but it is the same place. I have been busy learning, planning, plotting, but not editing. No…this week has been crazy busy and while I have done some editing I didn’t do nearly as much as I planned to do.

All of that being said, I so love learning what I’m learning. Of course thus far I really only recognize my learning status when I’m working on a lesson because I can interpret and translate just fine…well, mostly. If that pesky English language would stop mucking it up I could stop forgetting that the word means something completely different in the language I’m studying ;). But I do have to say that morning workouts are fun when I just start speaking the words I know. Somehow I always end up asking for the menu and water; of course that is so much better than remembering how to say I’m a boy while helping my mother with her French studies.

I’m being interviewed in a couple weeks, less than a couple weeks actually—week after next. I’m slated to be anyway so it’s just a matter of organizing and getting ready for it. I had to sign up for Google+. I really don’t know how to use it, but I’ll hang out for a little while since I have this and I found something on there that I decided to follow when I actually have time to follow it.

Other than learning and trying to edit Code of Honor, I received good news this afternoon about the music school. They still don’t have a cello teacher but they say they will have one by December so I should be good to go. I’ll have to talk to whatever teacher they hire beforehand, but I’m excited. I think it can really happen this time and who knows what other good things might happen soon. Oh, and I have officially found a hotel room for the IRR Expo I will attend next year. Now, I am just on the task of getting everything else in order for the event. It is not a small challenge, but I’m working on it.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time ;), same place.


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