Wednesdays with the Arts: Decision Making

I really do love this version of Why Do We Fall. I love the song in general, and the thought behind the composition. Why Do We Fall, to me, is inspiration in music. I can visualize the ascent so whether I’m trying to hold a longer plank, walk an extra mile, or push myself through a difficult situation, it’s inspiring to keep going and to visualize a successful climb no matter the depth I have to ascend from.

This week has been one of those weeks where I have had to restructure some of my to-accomplish list and make some decisions on my language pursuits. I’m most captivated with Irish so I’m going to put all of my attention into that language. Italian just really isn’t grabbing my attention right now so I’m pushing it back a few notches and going full speed ahead with my Irish pursuit. Oh and that class I thought started next month—it started Monday.

Writing Journey

I am on editing duty. I will get back to working on the final book in the Special Ops Witness Protection segment later this week. If you read Guarding Angel then you know Rhys is definitely a man in need of a story. He gets his story told in Code of Honor—his book is in edits right now.

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover upload


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