Monday Musings: To Learn is to Live

Is bean mé.

Sometimes I think I am most productive when my schedule is fully loaded and I’m focused on learning and accomplishing my task(s). Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a break. That knitting project will be there tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I will. So I took most of yesterday afternoon off to spend time with my mother. She has a thing for hidden object games while I tend to go for time management games. Perhaps it is because she likes slower and more peaceful and I apparently like stressing myself out trying to beat the clock.

Am I trying to beat death’s clock? Maybe. I want to learn as much as I can and do as much as I can do while I am still here on this strange planet called Earth. So in case you haven’t figured it out from my Is bean mé at the start of this blog, I am attempting to learn another language (two actually). I have not mastered the art of making accents on the computer so that makes it a little difficult to get it written perfectly (or close to it), but I wrote that “I am a woman,” in Irish. Yeah, I have wanted to learn the language for a long time but I couldn’t find anything to help me do it until recently. So Irish is one language, and I picked Italian too. I really wanted to finish ASL, but I can’t find that locally and I’m not sure if I could really find a good program online for it so I went with the language I really wanted to learn–Irish, and the language that seems like a smarter option for now–Italian. I love opera and most of it is in Italian for what I have so maybe I’ll be able to stop reading the English and understand the words in Italian one day.

The Irish course is still in beta so I am hoping it goes all the way through to completion and doesn’t cut off after a small amount of lessons. It seems promising thus far. I am only starting lesson two today. But I’m helping my mother with French (which I have taken before but never fully learned) so I guess I’m kind of studying three languages, but only two seriously.

I really should have gone for Japanese as I had attempted that before. With my ultimate relocation goals learning Japanese would be the best option as I will need to speak it for where I want to go. My theory is, start where I’m staring and once I get that then I will sign up for Japanese.

In addition to learning languages I am also still doing the online free classes I mentioned before in nutrition and the ones in music and business start next month. And if all goes according to plan I shall be officially enrolled in music school by the end of the year. What’s the hold up on that music school thing? They don’t have an instructor who teaches cello yet, but they are working on hiring one.

Will learning Irish make its way into my writing? Well, do you remember those Irish men we met at the start of the Russian Connection series? I’m thinking those three handsome brothers should have a story one day. What do you think?


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