Fly on the Wall Sunday: Pegasus at Last

I told you all Friday that I wanted to get Pegasus up for pre-order by the end of this month and I have done it. Yay! Formatting plus that final round of checking for things I needed to fix concluded and all that was left was structuring the pre-order details on Amazon. Now that all of that is done you can pre-order Pegasus now. It releases officially November 11, 2014. And if you haven’t read the first book yet you can find Pattern for Murder on Amazon and B&N as well.

Pegasus-webPegasus blurb:

“I protect what needs to be protected,” he snarled. “In any way that I need to do it.”

Aleksei Valevach doesn’t mince words, nor does he try to veil the facts. When Tabitha James excuses him of spying on her it doesn’t shake Aleksei in the least. There’s somebody after his woman and he would rot in hell before he would let whoever was after her harm one centimeter of her body. Can the woman of his heart embrace the protector within him? Or will a strong willed vivacious beauty fight him tooth and nail while putting herself at the entry to hell’s gate? Find out in the second book from the Russian Connection series—Pegasus.

Short Excerpt:

“My age doesn’t define me, Tabby.”

She shook her head no. “I know that. But you’re established and stable and I’m still finding ground. Wouldn’t you rather be with a woman who has everything in order already?”

He chuckled softly. “If that’s what I wanted I wouldn’t have trouble finding it. I want you. So if age isn’t an issue for you then I don’t see why we can’t move this into something more than business, more than friends. Because I can tell you age doesn’t mean anything to me when it comes to you, Tabby. We’re both legal adults. We’re both capable of making adult decisions. So what’s yours?”

~ A question that needs a definite answer is what Aleksei has given Tabby. He knows this is the woman he wants and he’s not going to wait any longer for her to realize they are made for each other. Will Tabby let him into her heart completely? Pegasus is available now for pre-order on Amazon.


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