Friday Dish: Moving Ahead

I’m happy to say I got through the final read through for Pegasus. Editing is not completely finished—there is that thing called making sure I didn’t spell anything extremely wrong—hey, it happens <shrugs on a laugh>. At any rate, I do think I can have this up for an earlier than December release and will probably get it up for pre-order by end of this month. I shall let you all know when I know :).

Which Russian is taking over the page in this book? Aleksei Valevach. Do you remember him from Pattern for Murder? Well, in Pegasus the man is determined to get his woman and even more determined to protect her.

A few lines that stand out to me for this character:

“I protect what needs to be protected, in any way that I need to do it.”

Legal, not legal…when it comes to saving his woman’s life he seems pretty open either way.

“…We’re both legal adults. We’re both capable of making adult decisions. So what’s yours?”

Aleksei is done skirting the issue. The man is going in and it’s up to Tabby to decide if she’s ready to listen to what her heart wants or keep resisting this dashingly handsome, moderately tattooed, highly addictive man.

Once I finish final edits on Pegasus I will be going in for the second round of edits on the final book in the series. I’m also going to be starting edits on Code of Honor…again ;), and I’m trying to finish off Kill List. I have stories that I have written but I am not sure if I will edit and release them, others that are in progress but not nearing completion and one I just started. Hey, I was cleaning and working in the yard yesterday and it just came to me. Right now my leading lady has just crashed into a very handsome leading man—literally. But I have other things to write and finish so it, too, is going into sleep mode for as long as I can keep it there to finish my other works.

There are so many movies in my head to write, but I’m having fun writing them.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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